Our Community

We believe good jobs build a strong economy. We support a fair and reasonable tax structure and incentives that help all businesses, not crate graft for political contributors. We support a living wage that will lift Mississippians out of poverty.

We thank our veterans for their service to our country and state. All veterans have earned the respect and right of support from the community. Veterans should be provided the best no-cost medical services for life, housing assistance, education for retraining, and preference for hiring. These benefits go towards fulfilling our promises to our veterans.

We support efforts to strengthen our state’s retirement system, including the “13th check.” We support the expansion of Social Security benefits, not their reduction or privatization. We support the funding of home- and community-based services that allow seniors to live at home instead of assisted-living facilities.

We believe our mental health fairness should be funded and staffed appropriately. We support safeguards that protect our most vulnerable citizens from fraud and abuse and will work to make sure resources are available to help people recover and thrive.

We are a nation of immigrants, and we will extend the promise of citizenship to those still struggling for freedom. Undocumented immigrants within our borders, who clear a background check, work hard, and pay taxes should have a path to earn full participation in America. Family reunification should continue to be the cornerstone of our legal immigration system, and we should offer more English-language and civic education classes so immigrants can better assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

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